Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Day 179- The End

While writing this post, all is prepared for my departure.

It seems that my initial year has turned into only six months.

I came here without expectations or plans, so this turn of events is just as natural as any.

This whole experience taught me more than I could have imagined, offering me the opportunity and privilege to meet people that changed me.

This ending will not be complete if I did not take a moment to say a few special "thank you".

thank you to those who supported my crazy decision to come here
thank you to my team for allowing me to give back to each of them a bit of what AIESEC offered me
thank you to all the alumni here that helped me go to IC (specially to Yoselin and Kildare)
thank you to this country for teaching me to appreciate my life
thank you to Brazil and to Venezuela for helping me understand myself better
thank you to Latin America overall for showing me what is important and motivating me to start living the moment

And thank YOU for reading these posts.

I hope I managed to help create change in your life even if by the smallest measure.

What's next?

My story will go on, this time in Vienna.
The place of my dreams, it will be become a permanent residence for me in the next years.

I invite you to join me in this journey also.


Taking a deep breath, I post these lines and close my laptop.

My bags ready, I pick them up taking one last glimpse around the room, saying goodbye to the place that managed to make me feel so much.

Stepping out the door, I look at the sky and smile.

It really is beautiful.